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Fund Advisers has the highest level of training and support for its employees and financial advisers. We expect the very best from our staff both in achieving appropriate industry qualifications and work ethic in the same way our clients expect the very best in financial advice and customer service. It is unfortunate therefore some do not meet the high standards required by this company or achieve the necessary industry qualifications that are so important to be able to provide clients with the very best financial advice.
When this situation arises some individuals feel it necessary to point the finger at others for their failure which is extremely disappointing. Some seek to stay within the industry and subsequently join alternative organisations where the required standards are significantly lower.
At Fund Advisers we encourage all prospective clients, existing clients and those considering taking up employment with our company to visit our offices and meet with the management team which will serve to clearly demonstrate that all claims made are unfounded.

I had read all the reviews before and never believed it till I experienced it myself.

To be honest these people should be behind bars ages ago. They just lie. Personal recommendation for the people trying to join Spencer Lodge and his team. Please don't bother its just a waste of time. You wont get paid, you will never get a visa (so you will be working illegally in UAE) and you will just pay money for them to survive and soon you will be out of pocket.

All the blog's are true and this is how it is working with him and his new hired gangster Doug Tucker.

The clients if you are thinking doing business through Fund Advisers please think twice as none of them are actually Financial Advisers they are all car sales people. Most of them have put on linkedin and their CV's that they are qualified but guess what none of them are qualified and next time if you meet their advisers ask them to bring along their certificates in the meetings so you know who you are actually dealing with.

Really bad experience and would not recommend anyone to join them.

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