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Fund Advisers has the highest level of training and support for its employees and financial advisers. We expect the very best from our staff both in achieving appropriate industry qualifications and work ethic in the same way our clients expect the very best in financial advice and customer service. It is unfortunate therefore some do not meet the high standards required by this company or achieve the necessary industry qualifications that are so important to be able to provide clients with the very best financial advice.

When this situation arises some individuals feel it necessary to point the finger at others for their failure making extremely libellous and defamatory comments which is hugely disappointing. Some seek to stay within the industry and subsequently join alternative organisations where the required standards are significantly lower.

It is these individuals and smaller companies that will be unable to withstand or comply with the recent changes imposed by the authorities and as such, many will lose their relationship with the authority.

Well it seems as Spencer Lodge is at it again as members of his staff have been walking out of the office due to no been paid and not having visa as promised for so long. They expected us to work for the first 2 months without any money after doing a four day course in Ireland haha what a joke.

I have worked for this joker and he is a disgrace, if you look online at the images they have online at the fake laughs and poses that should give you an idea of how fake this company really are.

Spencer Lodge posts things online to try and cover up his past but that won't happen as he has do wrong too many times for all that to go away.

The company Fund Advisers is a Joke to work for as all they are bothered about is getting your hard earned cash and taking a share for themselves so they can try and live the high life FACT. They all like to spend your money on the drugs they so enjoy to take so often.

The things you read online are indeed true as I have had first hand experience.

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I used to work in The Netherlands where this charlatan once operated. They got raided by the Dutch Tax Authorities and thus Devere and The Netherlands were no more.

Lodge had royally scammed a quantity of people whilst doing 'business' in NL. A lot of it, totally heart breaking. Single mums, retirees, you name it - anyone was fair game. One, totally amazing, property scam was pulled off on, practically, the entire senior management of Nike HQ.

Apparently Nigel Green had to pay all these people off.

I am genuinely surprised that he hasn't been bumped off by now as some of the people he screwed over are baying for blood..


So True and I dont understand how this guy carries on like that in UAE breaking labourer laws. Not a good experience pls stay away from this scam

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa #747173

How is this man still getting away with his illegal dealings he is involed in?


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